100% geladen
100% geladen


"The Typ1 is a jack of all trades. Riding pleasure no matter what the conditions." - Powder Magazine

"No honeycomb, no hollow something, and generally refreshing little NASA: Located somewhere between love of the sport and craftsmanship expertise, makes it possible that two guys from a small town lift ski manufacturing to the next level."

"Very versatile ski [...] Recommendation: Sporty and ambitious riders looking for a perfect all-rounder." - freeskiers.net

"You won't believe what's happening to you. The uski Typ_1 claims to be a secret weapon - and fails nothing short of it."

"Our pro-rides loved it" - skiing mag test 14/15

Simply put: somewhere inbetween alien technology and black magic. We‘ve never strapped ourselves to something like this before.

100% geladen

State-of-the-art product development,
a most modern, simulation-based ski engineering process.
Outstanding craftsmanship.
Tremendous experience in freeriding.

The maximum in material quality.
For example, we use hand-picked ash, naturally dried for more than seven years.
A 100% local production process right here in Kostanz, Germany. We produce only on your order - to satisfy your needs.

All this will make every uski a choice most excellent if we're talking big mountain skiing.